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The Grit School 2017/2018

The Grit School Live 2017

In both Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018, we (School Ground Sounds) ran The Grit School - our 6-week industry crash course, funded by Youth Music. Over the two cohorts, we had a total of 35 young people attend (vocalists, instrumentalists and 'industry-aspirers' aged between 16-24 - from South London).

Each course combined practical music workshops with industry-focused seminars, led by industry professionals. Each course finished with a showcase at Pop Brixton in front of friends, families, locals and industry representatives.

This is the central project for our charity and our data collection suggests it is the most impactful. As intended, participants almost all left with 'greater confidence', 'musical ability', 'motivation for the future' and 'understanding of the industry'. Perhaps most importantly, we have seen great friendships and support networks formed within the groups. We hope that this will serve them well in their future journeys - musical or other.

We aim to run this course for a fourth time in April-May 2019. For more information, please visit our website:


2017 participant:

'The Grit School course was super useful in a variety of ways - one, in that it enabled me to get connections to industry professionals in a variety of fields within music, two, in that it has given me vital insights and new skills that will stay with me forever in my career in music, and three, in that I got to meet a group of some of the most lovely and talented young people in London, who I have been collaborating with consistently both during TGS and since the course ended.'


2018 participant:

The best decision of my life to date was applying for the grit school. I have learnt so much about the music industry, about my instrument, ensemble performance, and so much more. I have grown in confidence immensely as a result of the workshops about performance technique and stage presence. I am also thrilled that I met so many musicians my own age who I have kept in touch with and will continue to create music with. Finally, I would like to say that my time at the grit school improved my mental health more than I anticipated anything would; it has given me self-confidence and the drive to pursue my career in music.’