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Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!

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The 31st March is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a welcome opportunity to celebrate trans, non-binary and gender non-confirming people, particularly those who are or have been involved in our projects

Visibility is important for the young LGBT+ community to feel representated and included in cultural spaces and beyond. That's why we've put together some useful guidance and resources on how you can embed gender inclusivity in your workplace.

Embedding Gender Inclusivity  

At Youth Music we encourage embedding gender inclusivity in your work. This could be as simple as including pronouns in your email signature or Zoom name if you feel comfortable disclaiming them, as well as mentioning what ones you use when you meet  in person. Normalising this sort of conversation and not automatically assuming people's gender is respectful and an amazing way of creating safe spaces. This is all the more important for anyone working with young people, as those born after 1996 are more likely than any other generation to have fluidity in gender identity. It is worth noting that those working with young trans* people need to be sensitive in knowing what name and pronouns to use for them in an emergency. It could be that the young person comes to youth groups to feel more comfortable and are 'out' but may not be in their daily home life. 

Last year we wrote how to create surveys that are gender-inclusive in how they record the data relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Proud Trust, for LGBT+ youth have lots of resources:

Further Resources