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Haringey Youth Festival is in it's fifth year



On Saturday 27th October Haringey Shed joined forces with local performing arts organisations from across Haringey, including Jacksons Lane, Streetz Ahead, NLPAC and a host of other youth arts organisations to present the 5th Haringey Arts Festival.

The day included workshops in gospel music, dance, spoken word, physical theatre, culminating in a showcase from all the partners to an audience of over 200 family and friends.

"The half-term music project was funded by Youth Music once. This time we used the week to explore Gospel Singing. This idea then developed, as the half term sits within Black History Month, so I developed it into looking at Black Culture and its music.  The week of the project saw the group take a whistle stop tour of black history and the music associated with it.  We looked at slavery, the churches, Afro Caribbean, African British and African American history, which included The Windrush, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin all the way up to current Grime.  The young people had an amazing experience and were fascinated by the history and the information that we poured on them.  As is the way with our October Half Term, we were aiming towards a performance at the Haringey Youth Festival at the end of the week.  The piece that the group put together was really fantastic and was enjoyed by everyone, with so many recognisable songs and some original material for the audience to tap their feet along to", Eddie Latter, artistic director at Haringey Shed