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How do I know how I’m doing? The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion tool

This easy-to-use self-assessment tool will help you to audit your existing work to help develop an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan, to refine an existing plan, or feed into business planning.

You simply read a series of statements, and give yourself a rating: 1=not met 2=partially met 3=fully met. These are automatically colour-coded and will quickly and visibly alert you to areas which are well covered, and those that need more attention. Your scores will then feed in to a summary score sheet which will give you a total score out of 183 and which you can use to track your progress.

There are three sections which cover all aspects of your organisation: 1) Embedding equality, diversity and inclusion 2) Organisational policies and procedures 3) Programming policies and procedures.

After you've used the audit tool/spreadsheet, you are then encouraged to write an action plan. We have provided a template which can be downloaded as a Word document.