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Inclusive Music Practice with Primary Aged Young People

Ann Jones and Daz Adderley, two of MAC Makes Music’s most experienced Community Musicians, have come together in this series of short videos to share their top tips for best practice in inclusive music-making with primary aged young people. If you are just starting out in music education, or you would like to work more inclusively in your music sessions, these videos could be just the inspiration you are looking for. We have also produced an accompanying document which is available to download on our website. 

Access the Videos

Ann and Daz have worked in various mainstream and non-mainstream settings across the West Midlands with a particular specialism in supporting young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. In these videos they explain the importance of embracing children’s creativity, and taking a child-centred approach to help develop their wider personal and social skills and their sense of wellbeing.

The videos are split in to 9 themes and contain lots of ideas for warm ups, attention grabbers and engaging musical activities, as well as smaller things you can put in place to ensure your sessions are fun and beneficial to everyone.

The 9 themes covered are:

1. Introduction

2. The Young People

3. The Staff

4. Equipment and Space

5. Props and Stimuli

6. Warm Ups

7. Attention Grabbers

8. Participant-Led Music-Making

9. Reflection and Planning