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Jack B. On Making Tracks

Jack took part in Making Tracks, read his story


I was 16 when I dropped out of college. I didn't do well at my GCSCE's and ended up on a course I didn't want to be on. I lacked focus and was depressed within that environment. I grew up on a poor estate and the idea of never achieving anything in life was kind of drummed into me.

I was NEET for about a month until I was picked by an agency (LPW) who advised me to start looking at mini courses and apprenticeships. It was through these opportunities that I was eventually referred across to Trinity to take part in the Making Tracks Project.

I really enjoy making music and after some time on the Making Tracks course I ended up taking part in a work experience placement going in every Wednesday for a couple of hours and sitting in on various 121 sessions and even in some cases leading sessions with other students (with Trinity's support).

During these sessions I helped other young people to record vocal tracks, produce original beats and assist live rehearsal sessions. I have also attended professional training as part of the team and gained a safeguarding certificate.