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Josh's story

Josh has been attending 121 sessions at Trinity as well as workshops and other events delivered as part of Making Tracks (photo Alastair Brookes - KoLAB Studios).

Hi, I am Josh I'm 21 and I come to Trinity weekly to attend 121 music sessions that are part of the Making Tracks Project .

As well as the recording sessions I attend I also have been learning skills in songwriting workshops and other music related events at Trinity.

I came to trinity because music is something that I’ve always been passionate about and I had heard Trinity provided people who have had difficult pasts with good opportunities to develop skills with performing and recording music, I mainly work with Al in the studio and greatly enjoy it.

I’ve struggled with mental health problems all my life and being able to record at Trinity has been a massive help with keeping myself positive and active. Taking part in Trinity has benefited me in more ways than I ever would have imagined, it’s enabled me to be able to write and record my own songs and has helped me develop my skills and confidence as a musician. When I first started attending trinity I was very shy and struggled with depression a lot and the friendly atmosphere provided at trinity has really brought me out of my shell and helped me become the strong confident person I am today.

Without trinity I would never have gotten the chance to make my own music or improve my skills as a musician.

If I had to describe my experience at trinity in three words I’d use “truly amazing experiences".