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Zombie Crash has been making an increasing impact on metal audiences of late and the release of the new video has given them further opportunities widen their fanbase. The video, which was launched as an exclusive on Louder Than War and featured in Kerrang, features Zombie Crash hijacking a One Direction-style boyband concert who they’ve been double-booked with, (comically) beating up the members and turning the venue into a giant moshpit. Says lead guitarist Ryan…

“The story of the video is that we [Zombie Crash] are doing a homecoming gig at the end of a hard tour and find that a boy-band has been given a slot on our stage. We don’t take kindly to this.  Zombie Crash has no time for manufactured pop niceness.”

Zombie Crash are part of Carousel, a Brighton-based arts organisation that that puts learning disabled people in control of their art in film, music, performance and production. Carousel challenges expectations of what great art is and who can create it.


(Photo by Matthew Bellringer)