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Livestream Fundraiser Gig - Young Musicians for Social Justice

Livestream Gig Fundraiser Featuring Tricia Yates, Emily Tasker, State of Satta and James Heaton

We have recruited a selection of local Leeds young musicians who will be performing for us to raise money for our Roundtable discussion event which will be held in July. The event will consist of a selection of performances lasting roughly 10 minutes each, and an opportunity for our musicians to speak about why social justice is important to them. There will be opportunities for you to donate during the event. Alternatively you can donate in advance by following this link to our GoFundMe page:

Programme Patricia Yates - Tenor State Of Statta Emily Tasker James Heaton

Meet the Directors We also hope this will build our community of young musicians whose music is motivated by a desire to express a sense of identity or struggle and bring about positive social change. Our young musicians are very important to us and we hope to be able to offer further opportunities for development in the near future, such as funding, resources and training. Tune in to hear more information from the directors about how and why they set up Young Musicians for Social Justice and what our aims are for the future.

The Roundtable This livestream fundraiser event is specifically to raise funds for our Roundtable event. We believe in the power of creating spaces for everyone to be able to contribute to the discussion. Our Roundtable event is an opportunity for musicians of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and levels of interest to come to the table and contribute their voice to a number of discussions centred around the enquiry question of our podcast series: “What is the role of music in bringing about social justice?” Stay tuned to hear more about this event by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @YMSJuk