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Lullaby: Sonic Cradle Live Music Broadcast

Event description

We invite you to relax in the comfort of your home and tune in to the Indian vocals of Supriya Nagarajan and world sounds of Duncan Chapman that will come together to create a tranquil space for an hour. Lull your little ones to sleep as we explore night time sounds and lullabies from around the globe. More infomration can be found here! 

Manasamitra will be performing four FREE live music broadcasts, each will be unique and different so feel free to tune it to all of them live here!

Thursday 2 July, 11am – A gentle journey into the world of sounds and songs for tiny people and their parents  

Tuesday 7 July , 2pm – Lull yourselves to sleep as a family for a well- deserved post lunch siesta  

Wednesday 15 July, 7pm – Listen to lullabies from across the world as you retire for the night accompanied by sounds of the sea, crickets and world landscapes  

Monday 20 July, 9.30pm -  a live music broadcast for parents and carers , unwind with the hypnotic sounds of Manasamitra in this special performance for grown-ups in need of a rest. A soothing journey from Japan to Norway and various points in between, stopping longer in India…listening to lullabies and calming sounds of the night around us. Snoring is a must!

Watch Live Here!