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Meet the Phlexx Collective • Introducing Ella Knight

@ellaknight__ is a singer/songwriter and digital marketeer from Nottingham. As a rising star on the stage and with her releases, Ella is no stranger to industry, having been part of the @futurebubblers championed by @gillespeterson. With the Phlexx Collective she is excited to take a look behind the scenes, learn about how the label operates, collaborate on running some events and also implement her knowledge in social media marketing. For Ella’s personal project she are excited to know that she plans to work on professional music video to accompany one of her releases. 

Thanks again to our partner @notts_community_artist_network, And to the @mimmfam Family for the space to film.

@raphaelachache on 🎥 

This project is supported by the @youthmusic_charity Incubator Fund, thanks to funding from players pf the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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