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Meet the Phlexx Collective • Introducing Rachael Halaburda

Introducing Rachael Halaburda

@rachael_halaburda is a music journalist and presenter, excited to get stuck into event coordination within the label. Rachael will be immersing herself within the Nottingham music scene as a seasoned music journalist, and for her own project, she will be looking at creating a music documentary focusing on the thriving music scenes that the City has to offer. 

Massive shouts to @notts_community_artist_network for the support on this project, we are so excited to get things rolling.

Shouts to the @mimmfam Family for the hook-up on the space to film.

And finally to @raphaelachache for all our videography needs.

This project is supported by @youthmusic_charity Incubator Fund, thanks to funding from players pf the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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