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Musinc (led by Middlesbrough Council)

Musinc (led by Middlesbrough Council)

The Teesside Musical Inclusion Partnership

Musinc works with musicians and music and arts groups.  We deliver projects within education and community settings that support young people.  

Our mission is to put music at the centre of young people’s lives and young people at the centre of music making.

Our focus

We know that young people can bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them by getting involved in making music. Therefore we work with some of those most in need – young people (age 10-24) living in challenging circumstances in the local authority areas of Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool and Redcar and Cleveland.

Network of Inclusive Provision

We have an established Network of Inclusive Provision with open access music projects currently running in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton.

These projects are hosted by local venues with dedicated youth clubs who work with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.  Our ambition is to build their confidence in developing their own ideas and music.  We create opportunities for them to challenge themselves and benchmark their progress.  By developing young people’s sense of music-based achievement to we intend to motivate their progression and help them realise their goals.

Music as Strategic Intervention

This programme supports young people by working in conjunction with young people’s services and schools and other agencies. This targets those young people who are in real need and for whom music making could have the most positive impact. By supporting individual learning journeys and delivering music-making through small group sessions or one to one music lessons we hope to improve the individuals’ self-efficacy, self-esteem, engagement, confidence and resilience.

Performance and Celebration

Our experience tells us that there is great value in providing the young people engaged on our projects with opportunities to perform and celebrate.  

Performance opportunities and celebration events can improve confidence and a sense of achievement.  We work with local venues and event teams and support our groups in accessing these opportunities where they can demonstrate their skills and celebrate their work, achievements and talent.  

Every year we bring together young people from our projects and from organisations working with young people on musical inclusion programmes as part of the annual Young People’s Gathering.

Professional Development

We offer professional development opportunities aiming to support both developing and experienced music leaders across Teesside.  We work together to enhance their specialist skills and ensure that they have a high level of training so that they are able to support young people in challenging circumstances.  We do this through peer observations, supporting access to recognised training programmes and through hosting a series of skills workshops.  We also work in partnership with other Fund C organisations to provide specialised musical inclusion training.

Organisational Development

Our development programme is designed to build capacity for musical inclusion in grassroots organisations through bespoke support and development. 

Enabling young people to become a ….musinc legend.

Working in partnership with Safe in Tees Valley we aim to deliver a youth led music and social action project.  Giving young people the chance to develop and deliver their own projects and to support each other and work together.