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National Orchestra for All 2019-2020 - Nominations are open!

The National Orchestra for All (NOFA) is now taking nominations for its 2019-2020 season!

Know a young person aged 11-18 who would benefit from taking part in our unique national orchestra? Now is your chance to nominate them for the 2019-2020 season of NOFA

What is NOFA?

NOFA is a unique, mixed-skill level orchestra made up of 100 musicians aged 11-18 from across the UK. We don't audition our members; instead, they are nominated to the orchestra by music teachers, social workers and charity partners in recognition of their commitment to music in the face of challenging circumstances. 

What's happening at NOFA 2019-2020?

NOFA's 2019-2020 season is called My Roots, Our Routes. We'll be exploring music that underpins human migrations and journeys, alongside the music that defines individual contexts, backgrounds and histories. We will be encouraging our young musicians to explore their own musical identity and we are also commissioning two new works!

Who can take part?

We accept nominations for players of any instrument (including non-traditional orchestral instruments such as guitars, pianos, recorders or saxophones). All of our music is specially arranged for players from pre-grade 1 to 8 standard, and young musicians do not need to be strong readers of music to join. Participation is free for the NOFA member and we cover all travel and accommodation costs. The young musician must be aged 11-18 (from 1 September 2019). 

Our aim is to support dedicated young musicians who face some kind of barrier to participating in music, therefore we ask that the young person fulfils certain criteria, which can be found on our website