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Northampton Academy Music Development

Skills Share is an opportunity to showcase the skills developed through the program

Music Development is a journey of exploration and developing an understanding in the process of music creation gaining valuable knowledge of how to compose a beat from a sound and developing it into a song.

The pupils had an opportunity to discover how to create music from developing a drum sound into a loop. Undersatnding the loop process as a gateway to understanding the sequence which is the platform for where the sound will be housed. The students created their own loops by arranging differrnt sounds on their sequence and listened back to their arrangements.

The students visited a Recording Studio where they discovered how music is recorded in a professional recording set up. The students all had an opportunity to contribute to the process by recording or developing the arrangement and by using the vocal booth where some had an opportunity to write lyrics for the developed track.

As part of the qualification the students are requiredto show their level of understanding and have grasped the process of creating drum loops and adding different sounds, adjusting tempos as a way to practiseand enhance skills. Skills Share is an opportunty to showcase what the students have learnt either to a friend or a teacher and show a level of understanding of their skills and development.

The group had an opportunuty to visit The Roadmender,which is a live venue location where they were able to sample their recorded track from the studio and test it on large speakers or a live venue set up. The young people seemed to enjoy this sessions as it took them out of their normal environment into as place that is dedicated to live music and not what they are used to. They students had a tour of the venue to undesratnd what tales place inside the Venue  and also had the chance to playback and listen to their recording including an opportunity for some to experience the location