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Our Street Our Song Early Years Project - Sheffield - Live in Lockdown

Our original project plan was meant to culminate in a final celebration event in May this year at Sheffield City Hall, for all the children and their families, with a live performance of favourite music enjoyed, and new music composed,  through the project.   At the end of March we put all ideas of a live performance on hold and our contingency plans then focussed on ways to keep virtual contact with all our schools and launching and populating our Public OUR STREET OUR SONG Youtube Channel. However, 12 weeks into Lockdown, a local live music venue  'The Greystones' gave us the use of their live music room and we were so delighted that our musicians were able to meet up again and film some live, socially distanced , performances.    These films will be included in our final project video, but are posted in their entirity on the OSOS Youtube to be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible.