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Bedlington to Ashington Building Brass Youth Music funded initiative is linking with both local Brass Bands and businesses in the North East of England to broaden to opportunities of it's participants through peer to peer learning and high level workshops.

A community-led workshop is set to take place later this month which will see all ages come together for a festival of music.

The afternoon session, which takes place on 18th March at Dunston Community Centre, will involve Bedlington Community and Youth Brass Band as well as students from local school bands, Dunston Silver Youth Band, and members of Dunston Silver Band. The Bristol Street Motors backed Dunston Silver Band will lead the workshop that promises to be a highlight in the community calendar.

A crucial aim for Dunston Silver Band this year will be the ongoing development of their own Youth Band, which relaunched last year. The Youth Band features beginner and intermediate players whose ages range from eight to 18.

Through the funding received from Youth Music Music Partnership North have been able to sustain their school based mini brass bands which feed through to the Bedlington Community and Youth Brass Band. This workshop will be a highlight in the community and youth bands musical calendar. We have a strong pipeline of talented musicians coming through the ranks, which will ensure that the bands will continue to thrive, and achieve even more success, in the years to come. Workshops such as these are crucial to the development of the members.

The support of Bristol Street Motors has helped to create match funding for this project.

Robert Forrester, chief executive officer of Vertu Motors plc, the parent company of Bristol Street Motors, said: “I’ve been a huge fan of silver and brass band music since I was very young. For me, it is a piece of British, but especially North Eastern, heritage and I feel strongly that future generations should have the chance to enjoy this unique genre of music. The only way to do that is for bands like the Dunston Silver Band to continue to reach young people and provide them with the chance to learn an instrument and develop a passion for the music. I’m proud that Bristol Street Motors is able help make that happen.”