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The concept of an #Inclusive approach to ‘Buddying’ was central to the Jam Buddies project. In an equal society where everyone is valued for the contribution they make then everyone would give and receive. The challenge is to move away from the assumption that some are givers and some are recipients. We had some lovely examples of this working well. The quirky creativity of many of the Jam Buddies songs is driven by the originality of those Jam Buddies least constrained by the ‘rules’ about what music sounds, looks, feels and tastes like - and these are nearly always the YP (Young People) with ‘disability’ labels who haven’t had the questionable opportunity to be brainwashed!

Some of the YP without labels have been open, confident and have worked respectfully with everyone; impressive inclusive music leaders for the future.

Many of the YP without labels came to ‘help’ and had parents who reinforced that view: there’s much work to do to challenge the attitudes that are barriers to a ‘buddying’ approach and we are working on that.

Attitude change takes time.

Written by Jane Williams, Published by Dom Palfreman