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Community Voices

We had a fantastic opportunity to air on Rathergood Radio's Community Voices Project with a group of Young people. We all shared a bit of ourselves and what Jack Drum means to us.

We recently had the opportunity to explain our company and the impact we have on Rather Good Radio's Community Voices. They are a local Radio Station and their Community Voices project is aimed at high lighting local community organisation that have benifited from the County Durham Community Foundation and give them a platform to explain their aims and what they do to help their local community. We took a group of Young People with myself and Laura who then shared a bit of themselves and what Jack Drum meant to them. No one went without putting a snapshot of themselves on the Radio and share some of their ups and downs with Jack Drum. Showing, not only local listeners, but also listeners from all around the world what it was Jack Drum did and what it meant to them. It was, at times, a very deep and real conversation we were having about ourselves and our hopes and fears.

Listen to the Podcast over at Rathergood Radio, or Click Here