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Cornwall Music Education Hub advocacy film

Cymaz Music has been working with Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH) since before it's inception. We have worked hard to ensure that inclusion is at the core of the Hub and have been involved as delivery and strategic partners since the beginning. This has included research and consultation into barriers and cold spots in the county as well as designing targeted programmes of support to ensure that the most vulnerable children and young people in Cornwall have had access to music provision.

In 2016 the Hub Strategic Advisory Board recommended that advocacy materials should be created to promote the work and impact of the Hub. This grew from the need to be more visible and have a clarity of message about the role and identify of the Hub. A series of filming days were arranged to capture a handful of some of the projects supported by the Hub. Cymaz Music has been delivering work in AP Academies, Special Schools, ARB Units and with Children in Care. We have also developed a popular and successful Music Mentoring scheme. This film shows our work in AP Academies and some of the work with Special Schools. 

There are a series of short films documented various components of the Hub's work. Please follow this link to see the films. We also delivered the Hub Young Music Leader programme which is featured.