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Cross curriculum resource booklet with engaging DJ theme available for free download.

We have developed a resource booklet full of engaging information and activities about DJing while sneaking a heap of literacy, numeracy and even some geography and history in there. Also contains glossaries of music terms and DJ terms as relevant to the current music curriculum.

With funding from the Leeds Music Education Partnership we developed this booklet to support our work in schools. It has heaps of info, wordsearches, crosswords etc. It is not intended to be applicable to any specific age group or ability and we recommend tutors and teachers choose specific pages that suit their learners. It has been designed in a PDF format so individual pages can be printed as required.

We have found it is actually quite engaging to a wide range of ages and abilties and have a few boxes in our studio to give to kids. In terms of best practise we have often used them to engage and calm children who may be feeling overhwelmed by their surroundings, while staying on a musical theme.

It is available to view via this link if you scroll down the page a bit:

It is available for download via this link:

It has been posted under a "name your price" policy so you can have it for free, or you could make a donation, or you could have it for free, realise how valuable it is, then come back and make a donation - Up to you.