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Don't Believe In Me - Story of a song

This is the story of 4 lads working with My Pockets to find thier own sound.


My Pockets were working on a music workshop with young people in a school in Hull. The workshop was going OK but not brilliantly and over time some of the young people disengaged with what we were doing.  As we were leaving one day the music teacher introduced us to 4 lads who she said practiced their music everyday after school.  

We said hi and listened to them play.  There was something very inspiring about them.  They were making music by themselves, writing songs and enjoying it all.  We decided to stop the workshops and instead work with the lads where we felt we could add real value and make a difference.


We tried to expand thier musical horizons, introducing new sounds and tecnology to them.  We also supported them in taking inspirating from both bands they liked but also from thier own lives, environments and feelings.  We wanted to push them into starting the journey of finding thier own sound.  There was a key moment when the bass player was asked to make a sound on the bass that had the feeling of fancying a girl.  He did this and it became a riff.

Sometime the lads would push back on us and challange what we were asking them to do, as our relationship developed with them it was great to see them fight for thier own way of doing things.

We are proud of them and feel that the work with them is an example of keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities even when the orgional workshops are not going as well as hoped.