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An extremely late reflective account of my time as an intern with Musinc

I should have written this blog post, at the end of December but work commitments got in the way. Sorry Gwyneth!

An extremely late reflective account of my time as an intern with Musinc.

Joining Musinc as an intern from September to December in 2015 was probably the smartest career move I’ve made to date.

When I applied for the role it was in the hope that a role with Musinc would improve my employability as a musician and music leader. And that’s exactly what it did.

I started off my internship as an enthusiastic but inexperienced and unfocussed music leader. My time working with Gwyneth at Musinc has helped me to develop a number of skills which has helped me find work in the area.


Planning and Reflection


My ability to plan and reflect activities has improved to the point, where I can plan activities which cover a number of different age ranges. Also, in my opinion, the ability to plan an effective informal session has helped me improve the planning of my formal teaching work.


Working with Musinc introduced to me to a number of musicians and organisations which employ musicians. This means that my portfolio of work has increased and is leading onto more work.


Before I worked with Musinc I was angry and unfocussed about the lack of opportunities for young people to experience music and music making. Now although I still have the drive to improve things for young people, I can focus my attention to what needs doing and how to achieve it.


My range of experiences has increased. Previously my work was limited to keyboard tuition. Now I have experience in delivering sessions which incorporate games, singing, choreography and numeracy and literacy.

So overall, I am extremely grateful for the experience and opportunities Musinc provided me with, and I couldn't recommend working with Gwyneth and Musinc enough.