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Hello right hand, hello left hand!

So the first full week back to school marks a return to Interactive Piano lessons. Lessons this week have gone well, I've been very pleased by how successfully each student has settled back in, despite a few weeks break, too many toys and boxes of chocolate - and that's just me! As I have covered in my previous blog post, I am working with children with additional needs and learning difficulties.

One thing I find a lot of students struggle with is the difference between left and right hand, which is an important difference in learning to play the piano, and often frustrating for a child who keeps making the mistake. I turn it into a game; when it's right hand's turn, I reach towards the child's right hand and wave, saying "hello right hand!", and vice versa for left.

I have worked today with a student who previously had difficulty and frustration with choosing the correct hand. Today when I asked her to play with her right hand she happily waved it, said "hello right hand!" and continued to play. A success! No more frustration at getting it wrong, instead we have made it into a fun part of the lesson.

We have also worked on high-fiving with left or right hand, I find that children of any age and ability enjoy high-fives, and the game usually ends up in giggles, again, turning learning into a game.

If anyone else has any tips and techniques on how to help tell the difference between left and right, I'd love to hear them! Let me know any tips you have, or any questions in the comments :)