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How To Become A Guitar Teacher

How To Become A Guitar Teacher

So you want to know how to become a guitar teacher?

Let’s talk about you and your guitar.
Firstly and most obviously, you need to know how to play the guitar to a good standard and be able to play in all major and minor keys. You should be able to play chords cleanly and be able to improvise solos confidently over scales. You should also be able to play in time with solid rhythm. You will have worked with other musicians, in turn, being able to promote and encourage musicianship to your students.  Experienced guitarists, either studio or live, usually have a lot more to offer because they have real world experience in the areas their students aspire to. These situations aid student learning as they can be applied to their future career aspirations. Have you got a bank of experience that could be beneficial for students?

Do you know your music theory?
Good guitar teachers have a solid command of music theory and you can help impart this knowledge onto your students, adding value to your teaching.

Skills & Qualifications

Now let’s talk about some skills and qualifications needed off of the guitar in order to become a guitar teacher
- You must be confident whilst talking to the class. You want your students to listen to you and feel confident that you know what you are talking about.
- Patience - Each student will learn at a different pace.
- You must be passionate about music and the guitar in general. This will come across to your students.
- You must be prepared to teach. You can’t just turn up on the day and make it up on the spot, you need to know how to write and follow a lesson plan.
- You need to know your student boundaries.
- You need to know the different ways student learn. There is no set way to teach. You have to adapt your teaching methods according to each student.
- Depending on where you want to teach, you may need a qualification. A level 3 City & Guilds qualification in Education And Training (EaT) is the threshold qualification you need in order to teach and will definitely add legitimacy to your CV. We offer this qualification at Community Music. If this is something you are interested in, we will leave a link to the course page below for you to have look at.
- You have to have an open mind. Each student will come in with a desire to learn certain types/style/genres of music. You have to accept this and consider it when teaching. Teaching classical guitar to a wannabe rock guitarist will not go down well unless you can make a link between the two styles and show why it’s relevant.

There are many factors to becoming a guitar teacher, or in fact, a teacher in general. If you can tick off the majority of the things highlighted above, you then need to learn how to teach. You may be a fantastic guitarist but teaching is a whole new skill that takes practice to master.

That’s our insight on “How To Become A Guitar Teacher’ - Hopefully you can use this information to go on and start your career teaching music.

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