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KIZZ - featured artist

Kizz is a new, up and coming writer / rapper from the south coast – UK. New Era is his first label release on Strong Choice Music. Be prepared for some strong lyrics / subjects. Kizz does not hold back on this album. Its energetic, fresh and genuine.

Kizz, “After a long battle with mental health and overcoming some challenging experiences in my life I feel like it’s time for a new era. It’s time to improve my life and attempt to motivate others along the way. This album is me trying to improve as an artist and show some of my true feelings. Just being honest.”

New Era released February 22, 2018 Recorded and produced by Matt ‘Blessed’ Stevens at Music Fusions’ East Street Studios. Kizz assembled a whole community of artists around this project, all of whom have contributed this album. This includes: Shay D, Genesis Elijah, Pink Princess, Josh Mc, Teggun, Ti, Sektion 8, Ty Fawkes, Professor L, Joey Kong, Deals, Blessed, Sydney, Jc and Keet. Shout outs to real friends, those who stand by me, my family and parents, everyone who hated, doubted and bullied me. Shout out to everyone who had something to do with New Era and a massive shout out to Music Fusion.

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