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A new Summit for Singing and Signing

The first Singing and Signing Summit took place on 30th January 2018 at the Doncaster School for the Deaf (part of Doncaster Deaf Trust).



Organised and chaired by Gail Dudson, the Director here at YY&M (as part of her MA with Sheffield University and in conjunction with our Great Singing, Great Signing project), the summit was a discussion to open the debate on how different organisations approach a singing and signing project.

A group of professionals from the music education sector across the North came together to discuss all things singing and signing, including:

  • What is in use and why?
  • Who is it for?
  • Good practice in singing and signing projects
  • Suitability of music and / or songs
  • Musicality or Musicianship of Signing

The visual minutes you can see pictured above, drawn by our very own Comms Officer, Rebeka, are a summary of the findings from our summit. You can find a larger scale version of the image on our own website here:

Here is our series of tweets from the session:

⚡️ “Yorkshire Youth & Music: Singing and Signing Summit”

— Yorks Youth & Music (@YYandMusic) 31 January 2018

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Photography and Visual Minutes by @beka_haytch