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NYMAZ are launching a bursary for the CME: Early Childhood!

NYMAZ is excited to be launching a new bursary for Early Years Music Network members who wish to undertake the Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators (CME): Early Childhood. NYMAZ will be offering a very limited number of bursaries for candidates starting the course in September 2018 and September 2019 – only four bursaries will be available each year.

The CME: Early Childhood offers a flexible, part-time, distance-learning qualification in early childhood music, run by CREC and MERYC. The CME is a recognised National Qualification validated by Trinity College London.

Very soon, existing members of the NYMAZ Early Years Music Network will be able to apply for one of the new bursaries, which cover the full costs of the CME: Early Childhood course! This is a fantastic opportunity for practitioners hoping to improve their skills and knowledge in early childhood music education.

If you are interested in this bursary, please e-mail Millie Raw Mackenzie, Programme and Networks Manager, on

Further details of this opportunity were discussed in a Facebook Live post by Heidi Johnson, NYMAZ Director, on Tue 27 Feb, you can still access this by visiting the NYMAZ Facebook page to view!

What does the course cover?

• Music education practice across the birth to five age phase in a wide range of settings and situations.

• How to select materials, resources and activities; how to plan and manage different types of sessions, with different age groups, with or without their parents/carers.

• Theory on how children develop musically and different models of pedagogy; more traditional ‘methods’ (e.g. Kodály, Dalcroze) and more contemporary approaches (e.g. Reggio Emilia).

• Curriculum models, forms of assessment and how to ensure progression. Essential statutory and safeguarding issues will be included.

The CME: Early Childhood does not promote one particular approach but will encourage you to develop your own style of practice.

More information about the CME: Early Childhood is available at