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Rural Music Network ; Somerset Rural Youth Project ; Making Music at Bridgewater College

Lively and energetic Samba session at Bridgewater college as a part of their RAG week and raising awareness of our projects.

So we set up a range of samba instruments in the cafe and encourgaed young people to get involved and play. Accompanied by samba dance too with colourful skirts and face painting too! So much fun and great to see young people getting involved in playing the drums and percussion and learning new rhythms.

We had a chance to talk about our other projects with young people including the Rural Music Network Tour later this year, and to talk about our Arts Award Program, running in half term.

It's great when you talk to a young person who has been disengaged from music and you manage to remotivate them to play again. I'm looking forward to working with the Bridgewater non-music students!