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Save-the-date: Challenging Circumstances Conference 2017

We’ll be looking at how we can go beyond the often-used rhetoric of diversity, instead exploring the ways in which we – as music and arts practitioners or organisations – can place social justice at the heart of our work, and why it’s important that we do.

The day will be packed full of presentations, practical workshops and one-to-one sessions which will explore definitions of social justice, the current work organisations are doing to embed it, as well as how to incorporate concepts of social justice into your own practice.

We’re unpacking equity, and looking at the challenges social justice poses to our organisations, structures and practice – social justice is a way of seeing the world, constantly demanding that we engage with it to centre the most marginalised and vulnerable, and thus improve society for everyone. So we’re inviting guest youth workers and social organisations doing that exciting work of building new, inter-sectional practices and approaches to art and creativity with social justice at the centre of what they do.

We’ll be diving in deep to look at impact measurement and funding. We’ll facilitate open and honest conversations with funders about practice, equitable opportunities and language, and how our approaches to impact measurement can better serve the young people we work with.

We so look forward to the day and supporting each other to strengthen the incredible work we all do, and to do more support the young people we work for.

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