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We All Make Music - 9th March 2018

Last year Drake Music undertook research into the representation of disabled people in the music education workforce. From our experience we suspected that representation was low. Our research confirmed this. Today we see new figures from the Arts Council which show - again - that diversity in arts organisation workforces are very low.

You can read our full research report here:

As well as discovering that disabled people are under-represented we also found out that understanding of disability is varied across the sector and that the landscape of the music ed sector is pretty complex. This research underpins our campaign for change - to bring disabled people into the music education workforce at all levels, from music leader to hub leader, trainee to trustee. 

To bring about real growth in accessibility, equality and inclusion we need a step change. A paradigm shift.

We are holding our inaugural We All Make Music event on 9th March 2018 so that together we can make that change happen.

The leadership and workforce of the arts and cultural sector should reflect the diversity of the society we live in. That is possible.

The movement for a diverse workforce is already starting to happen. Join in: together we can make it a reality and make a genuine difference to the musical lives and journeys of young people.

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