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XLR Collective (Session) 17/7/17

Its all systems go for the XLR's Collective 'Hack a Heckle'. With their official launch this Saturday (the 22nd of July) at the Bristol Harbour Festival where they'll be playing an hour set of original and covered music, the team are gearing up to give it their all. Last night the team had the opportunity to speak with Bristol Life Coach, Same Holsam who did a session on 'Letting Go of The How' which saw the young people doing a series of goal setting and visualisation in prep for their performance later this week. 

The night began with an exercise that demonstrated the powerful effect the mind can have on our physical capabilities. After asking the group to keep their feet planted and turn around as much as they could then do the same after taking 2 minutes to envision themselves turning farther than previously the team saw theory turned into application right in front of them. A writing session followed that asked everyone participating to set a SMART goal and to describe, in detail, what they would see, hear and feel to know that they had accomplished their goal. Sam told the group to think about what they want and not what they don't want. For the young people this meant seeing themselves performing well this weekend, allowing themselves to feel the joy and pleasure of bringing this campaign into reality by doing what they love most, music.

Its natural to feel nerves leading up to a big event, especially one that you really believe in. Aiming to get the collective in the right frame of mind, Holsam encouraged everyone to "focus, take positive action and remove anything negative thats getting in the way."  The mood in the room was calm and quiet, the words that were spoke over them being therapeutic in many ways. Finishing off the meeting with some practicalities of the upcoming launch including setting targets for the amount of people to survey for their campaign, social media and marketing. With a newly refined perspective the team have finally come to the point where there's "nothing left to do but to do it!"