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XLR Collective (Session) 3/7/17

This week the XLR's Collective was fortunate enough to meet with Laura Lewis-Paul from Saffron Records. Saffron Records CIC is an all female record label and music education platform in Bristol. The company has managed to build into a solid force within the local music scene and the young people were extremely interested in getting feedback from them as a whole. The collective are looking to create positive social change to combat harassment towards women so having the voice of Laura who is helping to spearhead female empowerment in the South West was undeniably time well spent. 

Laura started off the session asking each of the young people about the progress of the project and how they felt it was going individually which allowed the group to get a better understanding of how everyone was feeling. When asked for the elevator pitch, the group recognised that this is an area where they need to improve on. The team all know what the overall mission and objectives are for the campaign but articulating it in a clear and concise way that enables people to easily understand it is sometimes a challenge for them.

A highlight of last night alongside the very well delivered marketing lesson given by Laura, in which she outlined the variety of different avenues in which the group could receive the best traction for their project, was towards the end of the night. Before we wrapped for the evening the team gave themselves official titles within the group. This helped to give each member a sense of not only responsibility but pride in their contribution towards their goal. The group also praised a particular member of the group who has consistently been going above and beyond since the very beginning. For us this is a great example of teamwork and actions that we believe will help grow confidence and overall team morale.

As the launch for the collective's campaign quickly approaches (22nd of July), we will be upping the ante and making sure that the group are prepared to the best of their ability in this highlight moment for them. Weekly updates to follow.