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Yorkshire Youth & Music’s latest SEND project is a hit!

YY&M have just completed another SEND project, working in and with the staff of a special school in Rotherham with children with a wide range of needs – some with physical disabilities, others with sensory impairment and others with autistic spectrum or similar conditions; many with multiple needs. Our lead musician for the project was Andrew Cleaton.

This is what the staff at Newman School said:

“E. got so much from this experience.  She was sad it ended.  We all looked forward to the sessions as the pupils smiled and laughed so much.  Thank you for the sessions.”

Teaching Assistant, Newman School, Rotherham

“Fantastic. Great. Happy.”

Student (via Talker), Newman School, Rotherham

“I only managed to go into one session (after trying several times!)  It was amazing.  I was very emotional due to the engagement of all the children.  The equipment Andrew used was fab, the way the students could use a drum on their tray.  Amazing! The children’s faces said it all!


Teaching Assistant, Newman School, Rotherham

“Having supported children over many years in ‘music therapy’ sessions I have seen both ends of the scale, of how children react.  This session was amazing – our children responded amazingly not only to the ‘music’ + activities but Andrew.  His manner and approach to children with special needs was outstanding.  He came across as a caring person and quickly bonded with each child adapting to their individual needs.  All the children have each week grown in confidence and participated more and more.  It takes a lot for me to get emotional – but most sessions – watching the children do things they wouldn’t usually do and how they reacted to making music – brought me to tears.

Can’t recommend him enough – really sad the sessions ended. *Brilliant* 20/10 :-)”

Claire T. Teaching Assistant, Newman School, Rotherham

“All of the pupils reacted positively to individual approach that Andrew delivered.  E. responded really well to Andrew and instrument that she worked with and stayed focused for longer periods the normal.  I. copied the rhythm and beats of the drum and repeated sounds using the microphone which she wouldn’t usually do as confidently as part of a group.”

Teaching Assistant, Newman School, Rotherham

“The pupils who attended the music sessions really enjoyed the music sessions and really looked forward to going to them.  Andrew really got involved with all the pupils and made it exciting for them.  The pupils were always smiling and wanting to get involved.”

Teaching Assistant, Newman School, Rotherham

“A very positive experience for P.  Andrew was so very patient with him and gave him a chance to take part in every aspect.  It was great to be in such a small and focussed group with input from each child.  We’ve always had big smiles from P. when Andrew and music session was mentioned.”

Teaching Assistant, Newman School, Rotherham

We’re now working at Phoenix School in Keighley for the summer term 2016.

If you’d like us to come to YOUR school, please feel free to contact us for more information about what we can do and how we’ll work with your children and staff members to open the door to a whole new world of enabling musical learning for children with SEND.