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Proud Allies LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training

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Proud Allies - Public LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training for Individuals

Developed by Curious Arts in partnership with Northern Pride.

Developed to build confidence in creating safe, inclusive and welcoming environments for LGBTQIA+ people, Curious Arts and Northern Pride’s Proud Allies Training is an accessible, informative and interactive learning experience designed to increase awareness and understanding of intersectional LGBTQIA+ communities, our culture and experiences.

Our 3-hour sessions share the social and political picture of life for LGBTQIA+ people, alongside key learning and tools to support you to be active in your allyship from the day of your session and into the future. Packed with useful advice and guidance, together we’ll explore:

Opening up the basics in our LGBTQIA+ 101, from acronyms to inclusive language.

Breaking down the differences of Sexual and Romantic Attraction.

Exploring how Gender Identity and Expression can empower us all.

Intersectionality, the many layers of identity and the challenges this can present.

LGBTQIA+ history and rights, and how Legislation and Activism impact the creation of safer, more welcoming spaces.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ people in your workplace through quick wins and long term actions to increase Empowerment and Allyship

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