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Zombie Crash and Daniel Wakeford play integrated shows

The cyclonic metal sounds of Zombie Crash and the delicously joyful crooning of Daniel Wakeford have been impressing audience members at learning disabled events and gigs in Brighton for a while now, but now at two ground-breaking gigs in February, a new audience were treated to the talents of two of the major players of the learning disabled music scene.

The two shows were at the Green Door Store in Brighton and at the Shacklewell Arms in London and featured Zombie Crash and Daniel Wakeford playing alongside bands from the UK DIY music scene.

Both gigs were organised by Richard Phoenix from the Rock House in Brighton, an monthly event organised in conjunction with Carousel for learning disabled artists and drummer/vocalist in Sauna Youth, to raise funds to help bring over the Finnish punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, who sadly had to cancel their original gigs.

"The shows went brilliantly and both Daniel and the 'Crash blew everyone away!" Richard Phoenix

"AMAZING gig on Sunday--sooo good! More of those should happen, it's great to see the bands and the band members integrating more. : ))" Emily Barnett, audience member at Shacklewell Arms

Both Daniel and the guys from Zombie Crash are itching to perform their music more to new audiences and are pleased that there was such a positive reaction at both these shows. 

"It was amazing! I want to do more of these, this venue is awesome - dark, damp and loud!" Ryan from Zombie Crash