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Sam's Story

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 A friend recommended Trinity's music session to me and I’ve really benefited from attending. It’s really good to be in a creative environment working with other musicians and collaborating with them. Coming in to Trinity means I was able to record my album.

It’s a comfortable environment. I’m comfortable with it. It helped me to be more productive and get work done. The staff at Trinity are professional but can have a laugh too, they also know when to knuckle down, which is good for me. I have definitely got more confident since I started. It’s been a boost to my confidence working with other people in a legitimate studio environment. It’s always interesting and enjoyable here at Trinity. There are always great opportunities going on.

Since attending the 121 sessions at Trinity I have gone on to attend a course a the renowned music school BIMM. I have performed at Trinity's AGM, the Garden Party and played a professional gig at the Fleece in Bristol.