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Project Flyer

SGS, in partnership with Finding Rhythms, intends to deliver two album-recording projects - both 12 weeks in length - for young people (aged 16-25) who are 'at-risk of offending' or who have been in contact with the youth justice system. We are planning to run one project in Lambeth (Autumn 2019) and one project in Wandsworth (Spring 2020), connecting with relevant local organisations (from these Boroughs and surrounding 'cold-spots') and youth offending teams for recruitment and support.

Over the Summer of 2018 we ran a similar 12-week project, (partnering with Finding Rhythms), in which we recorded an album with 10 musicians who had come through our Grit School programme. The result of this can be found here: Having built this successful partnership with Finding Rhythms, and given their experience working in prisons, we feel that we can offer this project to a group who are in/at risk-of contact with the youth justice system.

Each 12-week project will include one afternoon per week (3-hour sessions), based in a local community space, led by Finding Rhythms musicians, supported by 'guest musicians' and case workers. The participants will have the option of completing an 'Empoyability-BTEC' and the project will finish with performance opportunities.

We start on Thursday (26th September)!