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Searching for advice on toilet facilities to be inclusive to trans children and young people

Hi all,

Our landlords are renovating our building toilets and have included us in a consultation process.

We recognise that there are issues raised by how we do this, not least by how they label the facilities, and are looking for advice or any input on how other orgs deal with this.

DJ Schools' main policy with prejudice of any kind is to welcome, educate, role model behaviours and always aim for total inclusion.

If we force a change like only gender neutral toilets on all our young people it is likely to cause some of them to be triggered, eg girls who are victims of sexual abuse and who won't yet understand that a trans woman is not a man.

We also understand that having any toilets labelled as male/female only may be triggering to trans people as it can lead to them being excluded and victimised.

We feel we risk failing in our duty of care to young girls and women who don't want to share with trans girls and women. 

We also know we risk failing in our duty of care to trans people if we have exclusive bathrooms.

For us, both have to be equally important. Not forgetting that our main aim is to help all to learn acceptance eventually.

I would like to be able to introduce change as calmly as possible so that all people see we are welcoming all and inclusive to all.

Has anyone else dealt with this? What outcomes did you settle for?

Thanks in advance.