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Step Up! Webinar Episode 1: Start with the Music – Artist showcase

Event description

Step Up! Webinar Series – Showing the Doing A Toolkit for Inclusive Music Making

Music Hubs, music teachers, leaders and tutors, get to grips with the building blocks of inclusion with the Step Up! Webinar Series from Drake Music.

This six-episode series will give you practical tools to develop your music teaching practice, making it more inclusive and accessible. It will look at inclusion from different angles including communication, progression, music tech and ensembles… as well as bringing you some actual live music!

Led by the Think22 team, accompanied by some special guests, this is a chance to learn new skills and develop your practice in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Episode 1 - Start with the music

People often ask us where to begin with inclusion and we say: “Start with the music”. 

Episode 1 in the Step Up! series offers you the chance to start with the music. See 3 talented Disabled musicians play live in a gig which shows what can be achieved when barriers to music are removed. 

  • Electronic artist Steve Varden will be doing a Playmonstration, taking the accessible rig he has built for a spin. 
  • Young musician Ale, who plays with the National Open Youth Orchestra, will be performing ‘Bring Him Home’ with his Clarion from Open Up Music. 
  • Composer Sonia Allori will be performing with the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument), which she is currently composing a new concerto for. 

This opening episode will set the tone for the 2021 Step Up! series. Come and be inspired by what is possible in music with three distinctive and inventive performances from talented Disabled artists.

More about Step Up!

In this series we will lift the lid on our approach to inclusive music making and share Drake Music techniques and skills. The topics for each episode are based on core competencies for music educators working with young Disabled people, and are also in line with Music Education Hub Core Roles. 

To inform the series we carried out assessments with teams at our partner Music Hubs, identifying gaps where CPD opportunities were needed. We recommend attending all 6 webinars to gain a rounded view of inclusive music-making. 

Access Info 

Each webinar will be paced accessibly and notes/slides can be distributed in advance, if requested. We will audio describe visual content and will have a captioner at every session. Our aim is to create a Relaxed environment and to offer access support to remove any barriers to participation. If you have any access requirements which aren’t covered here, please let us know on the booking form. . 

Ticket Price

The Step Up! Webinar Series ticket price is set at a nominal amount to encourage attendance, whilst remaining affordable for both individuals and organisations. We are also offering a group booking discount (see below). 

Group Booking Discount 

If you are a Music Education Hub and would like to make a block booking for your tutors to attend the Step Up! Series then drop a line to to find out about our group booking discount.

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