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Submit your entries for the Voice Summer Showcase!

Voice Summer Showcase

Submit your entries for the Voice Summer Showcase!

by Voice Magazine

Summer is upon us and now that things are slowly returning back to “normal”, what better way to celebrate that then to share your talents with the world?

Maybe during lockdown you set yourself the goal of writing a new song or piece of music. Whatever your artistic talent, we want to shine a spotlight on it, and celebrate creativity together during a year where creativity is what’s kept us going. 

To make things a little bit more interesting (and to give it a real talent show feel) we will be bringing in some creative industry professionals to look over your entries. Our judges have been given £25 vouchers to award at their discretion. They won’t just be looking at the quality of your work, but also the creativity on display, and the inspiration behind it. 

Visit our website to get the details and enter ASAP: