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Synthesize Me! Feedback from Lara Rix-Martin from Brighton record label Objects Limited


After Joining the Carousel House Band for several Synthesize Me! rehearsal sessions, our collaborator Lara Rix-Martin from Brighton based record Label Objects Limited has given us some feedback:

Much focus has been on gender identity and equal representation of all artists in the industry at large. Too often, people with learning disabilities are sadly left out of the conversation. What Carousel is doing as an organisation is so needed, but beyond that, they do their work with passion, dedication and most importantly with fun for everyone involved. The sessions with the house band allow each of the artist to show their flare and tastes in learning and music making. The apps allow for the artists to independently explore themes of the session. The Carousel House Band is made up of an eclectic group of artists. Each artist involved adds something interesting to the music project each week. I believe that the way the sessions are built each week show clear progress and learning for all the artists. The sessions are set up for success, for whatever level of involvement each artist is ready to participate in, there is an opportunity to work individually (mostly via the apps). 

You can find out more about Lara's record label Objects Ltd here:

and about Carousel here: