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Synthesize Me! Learning disabled musicians deliver a workshop to peers at St Johns SEN college, Brighton

As part of the project Synthesize Me! Learning disabled musicans from the Carousel House Band delivered two music workshops to students from St Johns SEN college in Brighton, UK.

The students were given the opportunity to explore sound manipulation and technology inspired by the work of British electronic music pioneers Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire. The students created their own sound samples from unlikely sound sources such as household items. These sounds were manipulated and used as samples for the creation of new original music. A variety of technology was used in the workshop including Ableton software and hardware controllers, music apps on Ipads, synthesizers and a Theremin. Carousel has provided a technology guide for teaching staff to accompany the workshop

You can here the track they created here:

Students also explored inclusive music technology such as Ipad apps and MIDI controllers. The students gave the Carousel House Band some feedback after the workshops:

‘My favourite was the drums and the Theremin’

‘I enjoyed recording, my favourite is the keyboard’

‘I did really enjoy doing some crazy moves playing with the Theremin’

‘I was listening and focused on the music’