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Synthesize Me! SEN music project tracks now online

The Carousel House Band and students from St Johns SEN college have completed two new original pieces of music you can hear them here:

Synthesize Me! Is a project devised by Carousel a learning disabilty arts organisation based in Brighton, UK. The project was undertaken byThe Carousel House Band, a band consisting of music facilitators and learning disabled musicians. The concept was to explore technology and a theme celebrating the work and techniques of the pioneering British electronic musicians Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire.

The band used household items to create sound samples which were arranged musically and manipulated using music software. Other sounds were created using accessible music apps and the legendary stylophone pocket synthesizer kindly donated by Dubreq. The band also facilitated workshops on the project theme for students from St Johns College SEN college in Brighton, UK.

find out about Dubreq and the Stylophone here:

Find out more about Carousel here: