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Upbeat Project: Music Supporting Speech and Language and Confidence Development

Feniscowles Primary School in partnership with BWDMS have developed a pioneering new project using music to support children with SEN/D in other areas of the school curriculum.  As well as helping the children in our school, we have demonstrated that music learning can directly impact progress in speech and language development as well as helping children to develop confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Children with SEN/D across our school have had specific, intensive music training, delivered by our music coordinator and peripatetic team, who have adapted their delivery to meet the needs on individual pupils.  Teaching assistants have been deployed specifically to support children in their music learning.  We have formed links with a local special school and a number of other primary and secondary schools in the area, in order to learn and share practice.  The children will have performed to their peers, to parents, to the local community and alongside a professional orchestra as part of the project.

Our results so far are extremely positive and we have seen a marked impact on the children's confidence and speech and language development since the project began.