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Ben Sandbrook


I'm an Independent consultant working in music education and creative learning. I'm currently facilitating two Youth Music-funded national networks: for progression and for Early Years. I'm also working with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Musical Bridges initiative, the Arts Council's Creative Practitioner Qualification, working with various organisations on strategic development, and presenting on progression and creativity. Find out more about these and other projects on

From 2009 till early 2012, I was Music Education Development Manager at Youth Music where I led the organisation's development programmes - managing and supporting new developments in music education, under Early Years, Encouraging Talent and Potential, and Workforce Development. I was also responsible for the MusicLeader, Voltage, Youth Music Mentors, Passport and Sound Stage funding programmes, for the development of the Youth Music Network, and a key player in the development of the new Youth Music Programme.

Prior to that I led the development of the SoundJunction music learning website for the ABRSM.

I'm an active musician, singing, composing and improvising, and playing piano, cello and drums. I've got an MA and MPhil in music.