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Earlyarts UK


Earlyarts is the award winning, national network for people working creatively with children and families in the arts, cultural and early years sectors. Earlyarts members help children have the best start in life by exploring creative approaches to learning, thinking and doing. Earlyarts connects the people, ideas, resources and information that nurture young children's creative and cultural capital.

Earlyarts Values

We believe in…

• Children as purposeful, powerful, inspiring and intelligent human beings in their own right. • The importance of nurturing children’s innate creative potential from birth. • The transformational ways in which creative approaches and environments can help children develop. • The power of collaborative working to spark ideas that bring children’s learning to life. • Empowering professionals to have confidence in their own creative leadership skills. • The important role of families in supporting children’s play. • The importance of rigor, research and quality in all creative practice. • Our collective and individual responsibility to do everything we can to help children become confident, expressive, well balanced and happy.

Earlyarts Products and Services

1. Creative Training – tailored opportunities to build creative skills with Earlyarts partners. 2. Creative Experiences – arts, cultural and creative opportunities for children and families. 3. Leadership Coaching and Masterclasses – exclusive events with experts to help develop strategic visioning, planning and thinking skills. 4. Research and Information – case studies, project ideas, creative research and the latest in policy, publications, curriculum, new initiatives and strategic thinking. 5. Creative Resources – quality products, toolkits and practical resources for creative learning. 6. Consultancy – specialist expertise and knowledge exclusively tailored to your brief.