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Groundswell Arts is currently funded to deliver SIng Our Story and Family Jams in the London boroughs of Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest. 

The programme formerly known as The Lullaby Project which has been running in Haringey since 2011 has a strong evidence base and was evaluated by the Sydney De Haan Centre for Arts and Health in 2014 at Christchurch Canterbury University this has resulted in in its inclusion in a number of books and publications

This year we have also received funding by Creative Ireland and is currently being funded as a pilot in three early years settings in Galway, because of it’s innovative methods in engaging parents to support positive outcomes for children. 

‘Sing Our Story’ involves the children, parents and carers, key worker and musicians collaborating to write a unique lullaby or special song, centered on the child’s likes, dislikes, interests and preoccupations. It is rooted in interactions between the key worker (early-years practitioner), the parent and the child, which underpin the ‘Triangle of trust’. This process fosters an ethos of co-creation and collaboration with families, which has a proven track record of improving parental engagement as well as supporting positive outcomes for children’s wellbeing and speech, language and communication. 

72 percent of settings who have done the project in the past three years have now repeated the programme at least once. 92 percent of parents agreed the programme had increased their child’s emotional wellbeing and confidence. 72 percent of parents felt it had made a difference to increasing their child’s language and communication skills. 100 percent of schools state that it has improved their relationship with families.


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