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In Music In Media is a UK based social enterprise that delivers a range of music based programmes to young people on a mobile basis using portable music production, recording and DJ rigs. 

We support young people in their development through music & media based activities, focusing on the unconventional music skills that formed out of the early urban street cultures and has influenced today popular music styles, genres and music production techniques such as Rapping, DJing, Beatboxing, Looping, Sampling and Digital Music Production.

Mainstream acceptance and the dominating presence of music genres such as Hip Hop, Grime, Dancehall and others has played a huge role in these genres influencing modern day British society and the youth culture; exceeding cultural, racial and class status barriers. However, many do not feel this is reflected in the educational infrastructure, with many of these skills not acknowledged in the national curriculum and further education programmes that do include these skills have an incoherent career path outside of formal education.

Through our work we have demonstrated the value of acquiring these unconventional music skills and designed our programmes to offer these skills as an alternative form of education, providing huge benefits for young people failing in mainstream education.

With our staff being active professionals in the music industry we are aware of the low success rate of aspiring artists and musicians pursuing music careers, but at the same time we are aware of realistic possibilities for successful careers and therefore one of our main objectives is to take young people on a transitional journey developing them with beneficial skills and guidance, while supporting them through to a progressive exit route that enables them to pursue their journey.

Our diverse team come from a range of backgrounds with first-hand experiences in disadvantaged circumstances, but used their passion and music to overcome these barriers achieving success. Some of these setbacks were: failing mainstream education, victims of gang culture, racism and low income families. Overcoming these obstacles and obtaining degree level qualifications the team still experienced difficulties finding job vacancies to suit their specialist skills within the industry.

Turning these setbacks  into creations of success  has developed resources, networks, skills and knowledge that has moulded and designed the programmes and been the main driving force behind our mission.

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