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Our mission is to nurture musical, life, communicative and social skills in babies, young children and children and young people with additional and profound need.

We provide music and multi-arts activities for very young children, primary ages and young children with additional needs to nurture language, attachment, life skills (social engagement) and musical learning. Provision of lessons, workshops, holiday activities and clubs, musical storytelling projects in special settings, special projects to nurture particular outcomes. Provision of training for teachers to deliver music and multi-arts to diverse groups.

We work in partnership with families, groups and like-minded organisations to implement positive outcomes in babies, young children and children with additional needs and language delay.

We support educators and the skills sector in professional development training in early childhood music, and provide work and skills opportunities for volunteers interested in working in this sector.

We provide the music work force and early years sector with work opportunities and skills development.

We provide practical, online and blend training in early years music for educators, musicians, the early years and SEND sector. 

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